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We Work With Customer Data in ANY Condition

From ANY Source

In our nearly 100 years of collective service and experience providing ACA compliance and ACA reporting solutions, we can say with almost certainty that we have seen it all. Our team will use that deep expertise to customize inputs into our ACA solutions software around the information you can most easily export from payroll, employee, and health benefits files. We spend the time on the front-end customizing a mapping scheme to your data, so that our monthly data process works for you month-in and month-out.

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ACA Reporting- Monthly Cost and Risk Mitigation

Monthly ACA reports and visualizations give you the tools you need to proactively assess costs and risks while remaining compliant with the ACA. Reports can be customized to your specific needs, ensuring you can consistently plan for what’s most important.

Form 1095-C & Form 1094-C Delivery and Transmission

Key to complying with the Affordable Care Act employer mandate is the accurate and timely delivery of Form 1095-C to employees, and transmission of Form 1094-C and Form 1095-C to the IRS. Our proprietary Affordable Care Act compliance system cleans your employee data, then accurately populates it—assigning all the codes needed—so both forms are completed and shared successfully.

Outsourced IRS Notice Response

Our experts assist you in appealing ACA-related IRS notices such as Letter 226-J and Letter 5699, acting on your behalf to ensure you receive the most beneficial outcome. We keep you informed and up-to-date with all related documentation throughout the notice response process. Once it is concluded, we will also have the right foundational data in place to help keep you penalty-free in the future.

Monthly ACA Compliance Plans

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Paragon works with data in any format (to spec or out of spec)