Project Description

The I-9 is a critical – and required – part of onboarding that many organizations treat too casually.  Did you know that 76% of I-9s contain at least one error and the average penalty per form is $1,862? An organization with 1000 employees is likely facing a fine of $1.86 million for having just one error on each form!

Just why is this one form so important?  I-9 worksite enforcement is a top priority for the government, with on-site inspections on the rise 400%-500% over years past.  In 2018 alone, the government initiated over 5,200 I-9 inspections, up from 1,360 the entire previous fiscal year.  If you think you’re immune to a government audit, think again.  Companies across all industries are being targeted, including retail, manufacturing, and remote and multi-location workforces.

  • Form I-9 Audit and Remediation: All Forms I-9 are audited using a multi-point inspection tool that will identify missing information, incorrect formatting, incorrect information, mismatched information, and all other errors that could result in a fine. You will receive detailed reports of what the errors are and guidance on how to fix the forms quickly, easily, and electronically.
  • Full-Service Subscription:  As hands-off a service as there can be.  A one-time complete audit and remediation of forms (see Form I-9 Audit and Remediation), new hire onboarding (see New Hire Onboarding), managing form retention and purge requirements, on-going form storage, monthly hire/termination update review, proactive support and compliance advice, on-going access to I-9 advisor.
  • New Hire Onboarding: Access to our electronic portal for completing Form I-9 with data validation checkpoints (proper date formatting, proper document selection, not being able to skip required sections, etc.). Our system provides both employee and employer with guidance to complete the I-9. You will use our system to create the Form I-9 properly. Includes E-Verify integration.
  • Data Prep and Processing: For Audit and Remediation preparation (gathering, organizing, preparing forms and supporting documents).
  • Policy and Procedure Review and Assessment: We will complete an analysis of your existing policies and procedures and provide feedback on suggested revisions or modifications.
  • Training Programs: For clients with specific or unique needs, Paragon will create and deliver training tailored to meet your organization’s needs.
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Audit Support: We will work with you to prepare for an ICE investigation.

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